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Business Scanning Group : Let the ScanGo™ Business Service Group help your convert your paper archives to user friendly searchable electronic collections.

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The ScanGo Business Group Solution:  We use state of the art equipment, allowing our customer to avoid the state of the art headaches and high-priced state of the art services contracts and training which coincide with such equipment.  Our experts - and we don't use the word "expert" lightly, because, scanning is just the half of it - will personally monitor your job with the highest quality control processes.

  • On Demand Volume Capacity & the ability to meet those needs

  • More affordable with greater ROI than in-house solutions.

  • No training, expensive service contracts, & equipment headaches

  • Expert workflow and processing

Scanning in general provides immediate gains.  Be it for improving workflow, creating permanent or redundant archives, or moving those old files into the twenty-first century, allowing easy access and reference, scanning increases efficiency. Furthermore:  

  • Scanning saves storage space and reduces warehousing costs. Once stored as digital images the paper can be destroyed and the storage space freed.
  • Heightened awareness about business continuity planning and disaster recovery call for not only backups of all data but also paper - scanning solves this by providing redundant electronic offsite stored archives, simplifying disaster recovery planning.
  • Publishing of scanned archives to CD-Rom DVD-ROM or tape. Archives accessible from office networks or remotely via the internet or intranet connections.
  • Scanned documents can be password protected and access restricted, keeping sensitive data protected.
  • Scanning reduces paper distribution costs.
  • Scanning reduces the labor of manual indexing, archiving and filling.
  • Improves collaboration. Unlike paper, electronic archives are easily emailed and shared. Many employees will distribute electronic document which they would not copy and fax if they were in paper form.  
  • Eliminates work intensive physical searches
  • The instant benefits to adding searching capabilities greatly increase workers productivity rather than having to page through paper document after.  Even with basic image archiving without OCR and indexing the documents, image searches are far faster and most efficient
  • Scanned documents avoid the pitfalls associated working with paper masters such as missfiling, losing or damaging originals.

Additional Benefits

  • Heightened awareness about business continuity planning and disaster recovery call for not only backups of all data, including paper but ease of distribution for uninterrupted operation during emergencies - electronic documents make this possible.  The investment is small against potential down time for many organization and especially against file recreation projects needed after a large or disastrous loss of records.
  • Electronic Archiving provides immediate access at your fingertips rather than in storage in another building. 
  • Efficiencies gained by ability to access it anywhere, we can help companies scan to CD-Rom DVD-ROM or tape for customer archiving.  Access to scanned document can be via the office network or remote connections. Electronic documents empower mobile workers allowing access to key information, when and where they need it.
  • In many cases it is more efficient and cost effective to have Arden use its state of the art equipment and have us do the job - our equipment is typically not found in most offices. However, if the best solution is to build an in-house department, we will help build it for you.  Ultimately saving your organization money.
  • Scanned documents are stored in industry standard formats – guaranteeing future accessibility, as well as universal document access through a standard web browser.
  • Scanning reduces paper distribution costs
  • Scanned documents and be password protected and access restricted protecting sensitive information
  • Our Electronic Discovery and Investigation (Arden Knowledge Management & Business Intelligence) department uses many -- right tool for the right job -- state of the art software tools.  In many cases these are the same tools used by the government including the Department of Defense and Department of Justice.
  • Thank Enron and Andersen - even though they were going the other way with their documents (shredding) - their debacle has heightened then need for proper regulatory adherence to document, file, and correspondence handling.  Non-compliance will become more costly.
  • Once scanned, we can located documents of any nature.  Index, Search and Located by keyword through multiple file formats – from emails, documents, webpage, spreadsheets, databases to antiquated accounting programs and systems.

For our clients, ranging from industry leaders to government agencies, we have provided both on-location and centralized scanning services utilizing not only state of the art equipment but state of the art processes tailored to each client's needs! Why ScanGo Business Scanning  Group?
  • Credibility: Our clients range from industry leaders to government agencies.

  • Reliable, Cost Efficient and Extremely Affordable

  • Flexible, Offering Local On-location Service & Off-site Central processing

  • Large On Demand Capacity for any size project

  • Quick Turn Around

  • One-time or Scheduled Service

  • No training, expensive equipment service contracts, & equipment headaches.

  • We welcome projects of all sizes - large and small. Call us today 877.395.0001


Large or Small Projects, your ScanGo Representative will find the right solution for you.  Please use our ScanGo Priority Request Form and a ScanGo Representative will promptly contact you.


Service Levels

  • On-Site or Central Facility Processing

  • Scheduled or On-Demand Service

Advanced Services

  • OCR, Indexing & Coding Services

  • Databasing, Searching and Retrieval Services

  • Forms Processing and Bar-coding

  • International Outsource Partnering

  • Media & Format Conversion Services

  • Originals Storage & Online Access

  • Equipment Placement & On Going Support


Contact Your ScanGo Business Scanning Services Representative Today

  • Don't trust just anyone with your documents.  Our clients have included companies mentioned in the Wall Street Journal as industry leaders (July 2003) to government agencies.  Let us help with your project, please contact your representative by using the Priority Request form or calling us!

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